Somewhere In Key West Over The Rainbow! Picture Yourself HERE

We decided to just share some postcards and no voices needed.  You get the idea – right?

Wouldn’t you rather be sailing HERE today?  Okay make it soon then!

Ronda with Capt. Al



Key West Rocking Out At Eastern Dry Rocks Reef

Girls and Guys – just want to have fun!  In #keywest that’s the name of the game.

The only way to really rock out and getaway is on a #privatesailingcharterkeywest

You are the boss you tell us how do you want your day to go?  This was a group of hair dressers who decided to take off on a friends and co workers team building vacation.  This was one of our favorites this year.

Enjoy this was one of our favorite trips to Eastern Dry Rocks – Have The Most Fun You Can Have On A Boat!

Ronda with Capt. Al



Key West Private Sailing Vacation Charters – Postcards From Paradise !


Everywhere this year has had weather challenges; out west coast  – fires, then in the midwest – tornadoes and now up north and east coasts it’s going to be an early snow.

All year the area in and around Key West and the nearby reefs, expect 80’s most of the fall and winter – January is about three weeks of 70-60’s but mostly sunny and warner than the rest of the country.  Call us when you are ready for a #privatesailingchartervacation #keywest is open for business!  305-304-4911

Ronda with Capt. Al


Key West Bikinis In The Winter! Sailing, Swimming & Snorkeling???YES!!!


Its that time of year when we know that you are getting ready for fall season, football or cheerleader practice already started and you have tons of school shopping to do!  But – what about YOU?  Moms and Dads need a break too!  So right now it’s going to be back to school and holidays before you know it and COLDER right?  We are preparing too for sailing and fun in the sun September – December ! Getting boats ready and saving a spot for you.  Why wait?  Put a deposit on your fall or winter getaway and save NOW.  Call soon – the best dates will fill up fast.  We give ALL FAMILIES a special package with sailing included.

See you soon sailors, argh!

Ronda with Captain Albert


Do You Dream A Little Dream? Key West !

Since 1995 it has been our pleasure to provide private sailing charters to fulfill fantasies our guests have being able to swim around with reef fish and turtles, have dolphins pass by the boat and enjoy the beauty of the American Caribbean in the tropics.  Palm trees, amazing colors in the water, rainbow colors as reef fish swim by you.  Downtown Key West is full of surprises and everything our guests want to see are just steps away, museums, shops, sunset daily celebration with artists and performers entertaining you.  Fall and Winter dates are open; it’s not too late to get that last summer time vacation with your significant other, get married at sea with a sunset as the backdrop, plan to escape to the tropical lifestyle when the weather begins to get cold – and it’s sooner than you think.  The summer here still is milder as we enjoy summer breezes.

Make it a date!  Call anytime from 9 am – 9 pm EST   305-304-4911 Captain Albert can help you plan your escape from the ordinary.  Plan a second honeymoon, or a wedding with a honeymoon excursion away from it all; celebrate your mile marker birthday or your wedding anniversary.  Do a special trip with your office and charter all three of our boats, then race your own regatta!  Have the most fun you can have on a boat!

Experience what it is like to see what a pure and beautiful tropical setting can do to readjust your dial to happy and yes! You can escape the ordinary, get out in nature, unplug the devices.   You are going to call this week, right?

See you soon!

Ronda and Capt. Albert




Key West Bucket List Family Excursion and Their Adventure!

We were so delighted to have a family select us as their son’s bucket list sailing together in The Florida Keys!  The family had a wonderful time and got to see and have memories of a lifetime.  They can look back on their time in Key West and with us as a super fun time.  Whether you always dreamed of having a private sailing charter, dream about living on anchor some day on your own sailboat, start by making a plan with us on how to spend time with our crew exploring the uninhabited islands, staying overnight under the stars with food and beverage served as if you own the boat.  See what it feels like to live like a local and have the best fun you can have on a boat!

Fall and Winter dates are available.  Design your stay your way!  See what others have shared on Trip Advisor what we have provided since 1995.  Custom private charters, celebrating life and good times with your family.

Are you ready to make your bucket list happen this year?

Let us know what you always dreamed about in the American Caribbean near Key West. You still have time in August to book a family fun charter.  September is a quieter time where you could have the town to yourself!  October can be a perfect time to enjoy some of the novelty of various festivals and a break from the colder weather up north.  November is a beautiful time mild temperatures, with the birders enjoying migration time.  December is a month of celebration time for holidays with schools out for a couple of weeks and some of tropical weather when it might be snowing elsewhere.  Spend your family holidays here!

305-304-4911 9 am – 9 pm

Ronda – Guest Blogger For Captain Albert



The Best That You Can Get! At Sea Fun Key West Sailing Excursions

July 4th is usually the half way point for most destinations in the Summer months; but for Key West, it’s always summer!  For those who vacation during the summer time months traditionally Memorial Day until close to Labor Day before schools start back up, explore the life that sailing can bring.  Get close to nature, feel the breeze under a pristine sail, and anchor off with dinner under the stars.  Since 1995 our Company – the original has provided dream vacations for those who want to imagine life at sea.  Some people stay with us as a family, others come who have a bucket list.  But most of all you just have to enjoy outdoors, camping, r v life, snorkeling, swimming and being casual and laid back.  Put your feet up, feel what the old life style may have been at the historic seaport.   Operating at the same location for over 23 years, we are the bench mark of many imitators who just maybe we can say – fall short;  as far as the ultimate destination vacation where you get out in nature, we deliver!  Contact us now as we still have time to get that summer break vacation.  Otherwise, October – December it is just gorgeous here.  See you soon.

Guest vloger – my wife, Ronda   for   Captain Albert


Have the most fun you can have on a boat ! on your next vacation in Key West!