Sailing Away – Key West Beach Babies All Through The Year

How to enjoy a #Keywestsailingadventure – choose to relax, sail, fish, swim, snorkel – want more adventure?   Stay on anchor for a couple of days, then come back and finish your time charter dockside and tour downtown.  Still some openings around Thanksgiving and some great dates during the whole month of December.  Make sure to plan an extra day or two during any holiday.  We need at least three days so we are staffed properly as everyone loves those long weekends and two nights is just not enjoy to see and do it all.

So take a look at our beautiful water and call soon!  Since 1995 it’ “the most fun you can have on a boat” when you “live like a local” and “design your day your way”  check it out we have been making these kinds of fun charters happen in Key West many years.

Ahoy mateys,

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Ronda with Capt. Albert





Enjoy International Pleasures Sailing Expeditions Adventures In Key West

Now that “slow-tember” has passed with Fun Fantasy Fest over, now October near it’s end, Halloween is tomorrow,  it’s time to plan your Winter Vacation Getaway in Key West with our team!  Key West Sailing Adventures, Inc. has been making sailing dreams come true.  If you ever wondered what it would be like to live on a sailboat, we can help you realize that fantasy.  Our year round average temperature hovers close to 80 degrees.

Our crew goes with you and pretend you are the sailboat owners.  Enjoy a DOCKSIDE stay with all the amenities of a marina bathroom, shower house and laundry mat plus your boat is air conditioned, fully electric with DC power too, running water, working kitchenette with everything needed for cruising, boat bathrooms/showers for quick trips after sailing and snorkeling, plus we set up the cabins with linens and towels for your arrival.

Whether it is a half or full day of sailing, staying dockside and a time charter of your design or even an off shore local adventure or another destination you can choose any combination of six packages.  Weddings, anniversaries, mile marker birthdays, a group from the office or family gathering, we can take up to six guests.

Many have never thought about staying aboard a sailboat with all these amenities before.  This unique offer is more than being on anchor in the ocean without air, electric or water; we have it all and then some.  Please check us out; compare the many who try to imitate what we have been doing since 1995 in Downtown Key West, and the island Key West.  You can be sure that whatever you dream about, we can do it with our sailboats.

Call Captain Albert 305-304-4911 “design your day your way”  “live like a local” as we have said over the many years!

For The Most Fun You Can Have On A Boat!

You Don’t Need A Lot Clothes To Pull Up A Sail In Key West!


It’s closing in on the holiday season and most of the last two weeks of December are booked. If you want to surprise someone for the holidays buy a charter now and we will send a fun email for you to share with someone special and book your date later.  We can give you a gift certificate on our letter head.   You still have time to get a few days of warm weather sailing in before the holiday madness.  Key West is the warmest spot all this week in the total continental US – and if you can fly out plan an escape now or in January.  Christina here demonstrates that you can pack a bathing suit, flip flops and a few t shirts and  couple of shorts and have a sailing vacation in no time!  Get out of the ice and snow,  just ask the captain if you want to sail or pull up sails your crew will stand beside you.  She has her own sailboat and also takes cruises with us sometimes.  A former Miss Nascar, she is fearless and not afraid to take the helm.  Christina is an adventurer; she brought her sailboat all the way down from central Florida on her own.  Checking in with us each evening on details such as repairs needed along the way, she has impressed us as a formidable and fashionable version of today’s female adventure buff!

Some of our guests come and stay aboard and go sailing to see if they have what it takes to be like Christina – buy and live aboard a sailboat and learn the water.  Our crew can talk to you about what it is you want as a retired couple or an individual and give you some guidance on a sailboat right for you.  This is one of the many reasons we are the choice and why certain charters book us as they want to know what to expect if they want to someday buy a boat.  Some of our guests tell us just taking a weekend to experience a stay and sail time charter is on their bucket list.

Sailing is a great way to stay in shape and in touch with nature.  Down in the Florida Keys near Key West there is an abundance of sea life to enjoy.  WHY WAIT?  See dolphins in a playground, explore a wreck, dive a reef, (we have the snorkeling gear) choose fishing (we have that too) go bird watching and explore an uninhabited island.   You don’t need many clothes in the American Caribbean.  See you soon!

Ronda and Captain Albert

305-393-0604 or 305-304-4911

Bikinis, Sunbathing And Relaxing Thaw Out This Winter Key West Sailing Adventure

We like to watch “Christmas With The Kranks” because in many ways it tells a story we see every winter in the Florida Keys.  The human migration will begin very soon to fly south.  This movie is a delight and based on a short novel written by John Grisham “Cancelling Christmas”.  Giving up traditions and taking a cruise south sounds more enticing these days for those currently struggling with the winter snow storms.  Key West is usually top choice for those experiencing severe snow and ice by December or sooner just cannot take another day of the grey days and cold weather.  Most of the year Key West stays warmer than anywhere in the country even on a cloudy day in December.  Colors are just as vibrant as any artist’s imagination from any time period.  Are you planning your winter escape away by now?  Give us a call and find a way to set aside three to five days for a winter break.  Keep your traditions-  as most of the holiday charter sell out months in advance.  Taking a sailboat time charter is more affordable than you may think.  Give us a call!

Ronda with Captain Albert



Excursions, At Sea Adventures, Sea Tales With Mermaids!


Going for a sail can bring such sea tales.  We talked with Captain Morgan that is her at the helm – about what she plans to do with her captain’s license.  She talked about having a business with a name with “mermaid” in it.  We hope she does because she has the imagination and ideas that could make it happen.  Some of the old sea tales about mermaid we think maybe had to do with sailors sightings of local manatees who sport a tail with a shape like a mermaid, have more of a warm bodied form, which according to legend, the sailors of old thought they saw something more human in the waters when spending so much time at sea, anything might start to look more “human” .  However, in South Florida and the Florida Keys, please keep a watch out for friendly manatees as they come up close to your boats when air conditioning and bilge pumps fresher water not salt or any fresh water is released from hoses or overboard the manatees will come up for a drink.  As for our sailing that day, it was a day full of incredible sea tales and personal stories as anyone can tell you the relaxing day at sea sailing can bring out many things you maybe haven’t thought about but the day is relaxed and fun with easy conversation and imagination runs free.

Plan your special adventure vacation, or maybe a more exciting expedition looking for pirate routes, the dolphin playground, seek out the bird migration patterns in November and April, a untouched natural beach when you go island hopping and many colors of the rainbow reef fish in the Atlantic Ocean side or Gulf of Mexico reefs.  You will rest as you never have after a day on the water.  You won’t need the television or news stories of the day.  You have lived a story.  One you will be remembering from having a Key West Sailing Adventure – excursion and expedition like you could only imagine.  Call now for off season rates for you fall – winter – spring break or holiday.

See you soon!

Captain Albert with Ronda

305-304-4911 or 305 393-0604

Outrageous Fun Key West Expeditions Excursions Under The Stars


Hot Fun In The Summer Time!  Remember that old song?  It’s summer all the time in the Florida Keys.

Think about it – normal average temperature through the winter months are closer to 84 degrees.  So after everyone has gone back to college and started wearing their winter coats, less is more down in Key West … plan your fall – winter or holiday getaway with us this year.  Pricing is off season rates right now.  Even in the summer it is still no more than 94 degrees in the tropical breezes.  Explore the reefs, look for dolphins, sleep under the stars on your own sailboat charter.  Or day sailing then stay at the dockside and go downtown one block away you are in the middle of famous Duval Street with Sloppy Joes and all the museums and shopping within reach along with the best Key West has to offer with fine dining or casual fare.

Bring your flip flops, some walking shoes, two pairs of shorts, two swimsuits, a night time cover up and maybe shop for the rest of what you need because let’s face it; October or November you are in your coats, right? we have it waiting for you on your own magical tropical vacation.

See you this winter time or plan your spring break now before our 2019 pricing updates.

Captain Albert with Ronda

305-304-4911 or 305-393-0604

Boats And Bikinis As Good As It Gets

One of the amazing things about being in Key West is that this is an international port destination for fun loving travelers.  We enjoy meeting people from all over the world.  It’s always a pleasure to take a group of young people out who are professionals such as this fun group from Brazil.  You can do this too.  Tell us what you want to see and do on your own private charter on your sailboat.  Either kick back with the beverages of your choice or take the helm.  Fish with our crew as we have a whole boat license this year.  Or if you want to explore the reef we have the gear.  We provide snack tray of fruit or lunch sandwiches and your towels.  Relax with us for a day cruise or any kind of adventure at sea on anchor, your own private expedition and adventure.

Call us for off season rates now on this fall or winter vacation in the Florida Keys.

Albert and Ronda

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