Key West Charter California Friends

We are still talking about what an outstanding sailing day that we had!  There is more fun video that our friends/ guests took we haven’t even seen yet.  Watch the whole video for best effect of what it looks like from sailing and seeing a turtle, watching a sunset and then the moon rise.  There were a couple of folks that did not return this year but there were the next generation of young people to come in their stead.  Bittersweet not having some of the group.  What a fine group and a new generation with their hair braided fully immersed into the Bahamian Village on the outskirts of downtown.  We are hoping this becomes a new annual event.  Best and fondest wishes!

Our best, Ted Burnett and Gang!

Captain Al with Ronda






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Captain Al's Blog

After sailing over 50,000 miles and working with Proctor and Gamble, Helene Curtis and others in Key Largo's famed Ocean Reef Club, it was my goal to present to anyone who wished a chance to learn about sailing an afford able option to owning a sailboat. Since 1995 our Company has been making dreams of sailing come true. From family vacations, couples getaways, weddings, honeymoons, bucket lists, anniversaries, mile marker birthdays, it has been my pleasure to have spent those special memories with our guests. We have a lot of charters that come back with their families as the kids grow up, and return after a wedding for anniversaries. Excursions off shore near uninhabited islands are the best charter for many. Call for information or visit our ever changing web site or Facebook and other social media; 305-305-304-4911

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