Key West Fine Cuisine Charters Will Enjoy!

Louie’s Back Yard once was just a patio with a gathering of friends back a few years ago. From those days that I recall long ago, it has grown into something of an institution as a standard in fine dining.  From time to time, when a chef leaves an establishment you will notice a change in cuisine and menu.  On a small island word gets out quick when there is a change and the crowd finds new places to enjoy.   Now with our recent visit, we find that it is once again well worth the trip to the Atlantic Ocean side for either a wonderful way to watch a sunset with cocktails overlooking the ocean (and a dog’s park to watch dogs frolic in the frothy waves below deck) or like we did with Debi and Joe visiting from our sailboat, 42 ft Moon Dance, join the others on the “afterdeck” or you can choose indoors, for a culinary Sunday afternoon delightfully delicious brunch!  There is the tiki level, two after deck levels and several indoor levels that are intimate and special dining experiences occur.  Since Ronda and I have not been back to Louie’s in awhile this was a true treat.  We often recommend to our guests to stay on board and just walk to many of the places near the boats that can more than meet your needs but Louie’s Backyard may be back on the map for your next on land dining delight.

Is it the weekend yet?  Call us for your fall and winter getaway soon!  305-304-4911.


Capt’n Al with Ronda





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Captain Al's Blog

After sailing over 50,000 miles and working with Proctor and Gamble, Helene Curtis and others in Key Largo's famed Ocean Reef Club, it was my goal to present to anyone who wished a chance to learn about sailing an afford able option to owning a sailboat. Since 1995 our Company has been making dreams of sailing come true. From family vacations, couples getaways, weddings, honeymoons, bucket lists, anniversaries, mile marker birthdays, it has been my pleasure to have spent those special memories with our guests. We have a lot of charters that come back with their families as the kids grow up, and return after a wedding for anniversaries. Excursions off shore near uninhabited islands are the best charter for many. Call for information or visit our ever changing web site or Facebook and other social media; 305-305-304-4911

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