The Best That You Can Get! At Sea Fun Key West Sailing Excursions

July 4th is usually the half way point for most destinations in the Summer months; but for Key West, it’s always summer!  For those who vacation during the summer time months traditionally Memorial Day until close to Labor Day before schools start back up, explore the life that sailing can bring.  Get close to nature, feel the breeze under a pristine sail, and anchor off with dinner under the stars.  Since 1995 our Company – the original has provided dream vacations for those who want to imagine life at sea.  Some people stay with us as a family, others come who have a bucket list.  But most of all you just have to enjoy outdoors, camping, r v life, snorkeling, swimming and being casual and laid back.  Put your feet up, feel what the old life style may have been at the historic seaport.   Operating at the same location for over 23 years, we are the bench mark of many imitators who just maybe we can say – fall short;  as far as the ultimate destination vacation where you get out in nature, we deliver!  Contact us now as we still have time to get that summer break vacation.  Otherwise, October – December it is just gorgeous here.  See you soon.

Guest vloger – my wife, Ronda   for   Captain Albert


Have the most fun you can have on a boat ! on your next vacation in Key West!


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Captain Al's Blog

After sailing over 50,000 miles and working with Proctor and Gamble, Helene Curtis and others in Key Largo's famed Ocean Reef Club, it was my goal to present to anyone who wished a chance to learn about sailing an afford able option to owning a sailboat. Since 1995 our Company has been making dreams of sailing come true. From family vacations, couples getaways, weddings, honeymoons, bucket lists, anniversaries, mile marker birthdays, it has been my pleasure to have spent those special memories with our guests. We have a lot of charters that come back with their families as the kids grow up, and return after a wedding for anniversaries. Excursions off shore near uninhabited islands are the best charter for many. Call for information or visit our ever changing web site or Facebook and other social media; 305-305-304-4911

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