Somewhere – Just Past The Rainbow-Time To Plan Your Winter Getaway Key West


Captain Albert took this photo while under sail.  Every time we see a rainbow seems to us as pure magic!  The purity of colors in the #floridakeys is astonishing, breath taking! When you think about taking a vacation Anywhere, USA – what type of flavors do you look for?  Sometimes we do like to retreat to just a plain and simple hotel room.  It depends on the situation as to what do we want from our trip?  But often it’s more fun to look for what drives or thrives in that City?

Since #keywest is an island with a nod to the #bahamian and #bvi flair –  you will discover many oceanside options from condos, hotels, to chartering a boat.  There is a portion of Key West called “Old Town” featuring very precious and old homes brought over from the Bahamas and rebuilt at least take a walking tour to get the feel of this treasure of homes.  #islandlife – yes, you are on one of many #islands or Keys as they are called. Museums and history are inspiring.  Several Botanical Gardens and the Butterfly Museum are breath taking.  Most of your activity choices have to do with #snorkelingflorida #divingflorida #swimmingflorida #sailingflorida and there are a lot of options.  Water related sports are fun!

And ye mateys, there are some real live pirates out there argh!

Sometimes you will find unreal deals on a boat – usually located on anchor.  Check and compare –  make sure that your choice is licensed both City and State, with a licensed captain as that is a USCG regulation so that in an emergency you get the help you need.  Does the vessel have running water? boat shower? electricity? Air conditioning? or at least a fan? does it have a working bathroom?  How do you get from the boat about a mile into the bay to any dock?  Just because the boat is listed on a online service, most of the booking sites never check the credentials and do not ever see the product they represent, they collect fees only.  Asking the right questions is up to the customer, you.  These are some questions we hope you check before arriving in Key West.

Our boats are fully insured, licensed, USCG approved, have a USCG licensed captain to take you on any cruises you have planned, a team of people 24 hours to answer any concerns and immediate requests for maintenance.  Our eco systems, reefs and surrounding waters and reefs are sensitive and extremely precious.

Everyone who comes here needs to expect to have fun! And that is our goal, to provide you #themostfunyoucanhaveonaboat!

Call us first!  Often imitated and rarely duplicated.  Standing by, time to cast away dock lines.  Let’s go sailing!

See you soon!

Ronda with Captain Al


Published by

Captain Al's Blog

After sailing over 50,000 miles and working with Proctor and Gamble, Helene Curtis and others in Key Largo's famed Ocean Reef Club, it was my goal to present to anyone who wished a chance to learn about sailing an afford able option to owning a sailboat. Since 1995 our Company has been making dreams of sailing come true. From family vacations, couples getaways, weddings, honeymoons, bucket lists, anniversaries, mile marker birthdays, it has been my pleasure to have spent those special memories with our guests. We have a lot of charters that come back with their families as the kids grow up, and return after a wedding for anniversaries. Excursions off shore near uninhabited islands are the best charter for many. Call for information or visit our ever changing web site or Facebook and other social media; 305-305-304-4911

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