Excursions, At Sea Adventures, Sea Tales With Mermaids!


Going for a sail can bring such sea tales.  We talked with Captain Morgan that is her at the helm – about what she plans to do with her captain’s license.  She talked about having a business with a name with “mermaid” in it.  We hope she does because she has the imagination and ideas that could make it happen.  Some of the old sea tales about mermaid we think maybe had to do with sailors sightings of local manatees who sport a tail with a shape like a mermaid, have more of a warm bodied form, which according to legend, the sailors of old thought they saw something more human in the waters when spending so much time at sea, anything might start to look more “human” .  However, in South Florida and the Florida Keys, please keep a watch out for friendly manatees as they come up close to your boats when air conditioning and bilge pumps fresher water not salt or any fresh water is released from hoses or overboard the manatees will come up for a drink.  As for our sailing that day, it was a day full of incredible sea tales and personal stories as anyone can tell you the relaxing day at sea sailing can bring out many things you maybe haven’t thought about but the day is relaxed and fun with easy conversation and imagination runs free.

Plan your special adventure vacation, or maybe a more exciting expedition looking for pirate routes, the dolphin playground, seek out the bird migration patterns in November and April, a untouched natural beach when you go island hopping and many colors of the rainbow reef fish in the Atlantic Ocean side or Gulf of Mexico reefs.  You will rest as you never have after a day on the water.  You won’t need the television or news stories of the day.  You have lived a story.  One you will be remembering from having a Key West Sailing Adventure – excursion and expedition like you could only imagine.  Call now for off season rates for you fall – winter – spring break or holiday.

See you soon!

Captain Albert with Ronda

305-304-4911 or 305 393-0604

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Captain Al's Blog

After sailing over 50,000 miles and working with Proctor and Gamble, Helene Curtis and others in Key Largo's famed Ocean Reef Club, it was my goal to present to anyone who wished a chance to learn about sailing an afford able option to owning a sailboat. Since 1995 our keywestsailingadventure.com Company has been making dreams of sailing come true. From family vacations, couples getaways, weddings, honeymoons, bucket lists, anniversaries, mile marker birthdays, it has been my pleasure to have spent those special memories with our guests. We have a lot of charters that come back with their families as the kids grow up, and return after a wedding for anniversaries. Excursions off shore near uninhabited islands are the best charter for many. Call for information or visit our ever changing web site or Facebook and other social media; www.keywestsailingadventure.com 305-305-304-4911

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