Dolphins, Dolphins And There Are MORE Dolphins Off The Bow!


If you wonder what it is to have a two or three night excursion in Key West Off Dock at SEA! and how it looks this is what you need to look at – a pod of dolphins was all that Dennis and Marsha from Atlanta wanted and did they ever get it! Special thanks to our guest videographer First Mate Tess Sibley! She did a great job capturing the feeling of what it would be like to have meals served to you, snack tray and to be treated like a million dollars for just you and yours.  Captain and Mate do all the work, you pull up sails or take the helm if you want to or just relax.  Since 1995 making sailing private charter dreams come true at the same location – 201 William Street, Key West, FL 33040


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Submitted for Captain Albert by Ronda Rinald

Bermuda, Bahama, Come On Pretty Mama – Key Largo, Montego – The Florida Keys!

Now you can take a deep breath; the winter holidays decorations are finally put away, Valentines Day and Spring Break are here March brought festive Irish themes with St. Patrick’s Day; and its colder weather throughout most of the country. The news shows the tip of Florida is around 82-84 degrees from November through the whole month of February and into March. This includes Miami and the island chain to Key West, The Florida Keys. “Bermuda, Bahamas Come On Pretty Mama…The Florida Keys” sang the infamous and beloved “Beach Boys” – one of the reasons Captain Albert and I met! My daughter Amber Walsh sang this song together for many years!  “Key Largo, Montego-”

During the winter months, many who live in the north, east and mid western states have at some time encountered that delightful fantasy to take a winter vacation to some tropical island somewhere. Whoever you are, if you are under ice and snow as you read this, you have the winter blues or are fantasizing and planning steps to take a short vacation to thaw out in the warmer climates. The cold weather serves to remind you that you are not covered in hair and fur (some of you may be) and that a break now through April (Or Summer as it is milder in the Florida Keys) is calling your name. Maybe you wanted to escape to the warm weather during the holidays did not go wished you had gone away on a long weekend. “Where can I go?” Kokomo? How can you find a warm spot in January, February or March maybe April to get a piece of summer, still in the continental United States? Stay in the good ole’ USA! Come to Key West

The British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic or going to another country such as Puerto Rico or even Bahamas may be more off shore commitment than you would want. Did you every here the Beach Boys singing “Bermuda Bahamas, come on pretty mama to … The Florida Keys….”    Cross over Jewfish Creek enter into Key Largo-Just about an hour outside of Miami through the Redlands and Homestead-You will begin a drive that will transform you to the Sub Tropical Zone in Monroe County

Now Showing! The Bridge Goes Over The Everglades



Different Ways To Get Around, Walking, Biking, Paddleboarding Or Kayaking


Sunsets – The Daily Event. Everyone Stops & Takes A Look.

Native Plants The Mangroves – The Island Building Blocks – Finger Roots Hold The Sands To Build On Old Hardened Coral Reefs

Starting with Key Largo (mentioned in the Beach Boys song), you can get off a plane, pick up your rental car and meld into a totally different world that is still in the United States. Why not stay with just a couple of blocks from downtown Key West (the actual island is only 2 by 4 miles wide! So be in the action and fun.

Stay tuned in for more as we share what you will see coming into the Florida Keys!

Submitted by,
Ronda for Captain Albert

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Key West Calling! Where Do You Spend Your Winter?

Right now if you are sitting at home or in your cubicle it is possible that a sailing vacation has been a fantasy.  With our Company it is always designed your way to fit your lifestyle and your budget.  Since 1995 it has been a pleasure to help make a sailing getaway affordable and fun for several hundred people each of those many years.  Families, couples, weddings, engagements, special birthdays, even remembrances at sea all have a place in our history.

When you stay with it’s your boat, no one else lives aboard – unless you go long distance traveling or choose to stay out on an at sea excursion; and you are in a safe harbor located on the Island of Key West, downtown Key West, with amenities nearby such as a full service laundry and full size bathrooms, nearby restaurants, pools, museums;  and we know you will choose us when you see Google Maps has our location 201 William Street, Key West, FL 33040 just steps away from all the fun of Mallory Square, museums, shops,  and the nightly sunset festival, with all the fun music and bar/restaurant scene.

As a fun alternative to a motel/hotel, feel safe and you are protected on three sides by the harbor, 24 hour security and in a marina slip attached to land, not left at anchor on a non-working vessel with scheduled trips by a small dinghy to land.  Our boat’s bathrooms, electricity, water and air conditioning all work!  If it is chilly (for us that is around 70 degrees) we have small space heaters upon request.  You can choose to take the charter included with your stay and sail package and do what Gene and Anna did; take a 24-48 hour away from the docks excursion as an upgrade with captain and mate, (who do say aboard and prepare meals, take you sailing, tell you about the islands and only stay during off shore trips) this charter includes all your food, fuel, provisions.  When you look at the various options on the water, “know before you go” where are you going to be.   Rumor has it that many unscrupulous folks are putting boats for rent on Airbnb, Home Away and Expedia who are not United State Coast Guard approved vessels or staffing.   We are licensed by the City of Key West, also insured to guarantee a safe time, have 24 hour staff available to help in a moment’s notice.   And, should you need a last minute cancellation, we just reschedule your stay any time in the future when you are able to return to Key West!

As with any innovation like our business, of course we expect imitations.  They pop up every few years and we watch them eventually close or disappear.  When that happens we again get the panicked calls “I rented a boat and now – it’s gone!”  Be advised and be informed; see our many reviews on Trip Advisor and Home Away!  See you soon!

Guest Blogger / Vlogger for Captain Albert, Ronda – wife





Key West Day Dreaming? Call Us !

A Fun Collection Of Memories!

Tropical feeling may call your name this fall and winter.  You may be surprised how lush, green and colorful Key West is October – December.  Taking a charter stay and sail  with meals on your own at any of the five star restaurants around your docks, or sailing out on an excursion with provisions for as many days as you want can take you into a tropical tranquil turquoise sea with dolphins, turtles and fish swimming like a live rainbow all around you.   Steps away from downtown Key West on the Island Key West and next to many of the sites and sounds you want to see, stay aboard a sailboat and live like a local may have at the historic seaport.

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Key West Sunset Sailing Engagement

If you are thinking about a tropical setting for your engagement how about at sunset on one of our sailboats?  We just did this engagement special surprise last week and then over the weekend had another from Ft. Meyers by way of the Key West Ferry decide to take their engagement sunset and plan their April Wedding.  You can custom design a getaway and take off for an excursion overnight on anchor for a 24 hour secluded spot next to an uninhabited island.  October, November and December in Key West are amazing and mild weather like an early summer day.  Call me 305-304-4911 and let’s start planning your special event, engagement, wedding, anniversary or mile marker birthday!



Capt. Al with Ronda


Key West Fine Cuisine Charters Will Enjoy!

Louie’s Back Yard once was just a patio with a gathering of friends back a few years ago. From those days that I recall long ago, it has grown into something of an institution as a standard in fine dining.  From time to time, when a chef leaves an establishment you will notice a change in cuisine and menu.  On a small island word gets out quick when there is a change and the crowd finds new places to enjoy.   Now with our recent visit, we find that it is once again well worth the trip to the Atlantic Ocean side for either a wonderful way to watch a sunset with cocktails overlooking the ocean (and a dog’s park to watch dogs frolic in the frothy waves below deck) or like we did with Debi and Joe visiting from our sailboat, 42 ft Moon Dance, join the others on the “afterdeck” or you can choose indoors, for a culinary Sunday afternoon delightfully delicious brunch!  There is the tiki level, two after deck levels and several indoor levels that are intimate and special dining experiences occur.  Since Ronda and I have not been back to Louie’s in awhile this was a true treat.  We often recommend to our guests to stay on board and just walk to many of the places near the boats that can more than meet your needs but Louie’s Backyard may be back on the map for your next on land dining delight.

Is it the weekend yet?  Call us for your fall and winter getaway soon!  305-304-4911.


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Key West Charter California Friends

We are still talking about what an outstanding sailing day that we had!  There is more fun video that our friends/ guests took we haven’t even seen yet.  Watch the whole video for best effect of what it looks like from sailing and seeing a turtle, watching a sunset and then the moon rise.  There were a couple of folks that did not return this year but there were the next generation of young people to come in their stead.  Bittersweet not having some of the group.  What a fine group and a new generation with their hair braided fully immersed into the Bahamian Village on the outskirts of downtown.  We are hoping this becomes a new annual event.  Best and fondest wishes!

Our best, Ted Burnett and Gang!

Captain Al with Ronda