State Park Fort Taylor on the Ocean by the Boats

Graced with a little forest on the ocean whispering Pines keep it nice and cool with shade. Picnic tables and Bar B Que’s make it easy for an all day beach experience. The Ocean is steps away with Rock Piles to play on and view colorful tropical fish. A snack bar with a shaded deck features hot dogs sandwiches drinks and ice cream. Cold beer allowed when purchased and enjoyed on deck.   Umbrella,lounge chairs, kayak can be rented for a fair rate. Watch harbor boats come and go. Relax Snorkel do Laps. Fish from rocks cook. Bike over or walk minutes away   Fort Zachary Taylor is a place we go to joy the entire day they have showers and bathrooms, food,rental equipment. A gradual deep access into the ocean in Key West it is my favorite beach of all.              Capt Al 



Mainland Florida US 1 to the Key West Sailing Adventure Dock


Sights driving down the FL Keys.

Cap’n Al

Dog Days of Summer in Key West Perfect for Sailing and Snorkeling!

Seems like when it’s slowing down in Key West, and everyone gets thoughts of back to school, pay those late taxes in September and oh no, if no kids, what about all those holidays, change of seasons what to do what to start first?


Guests holding up fish

Consider making a plan to break your patterns.  Each day, same routine; up at 7 am, start the coffee, get through traffic, sit down in the cubicle and try to read or find something like this blog to distract you from the fact that you are burned out.  Maybe it’s time to take a trip during a cooler time of the year to a warmer moderate climate like Key West?  Sure you need that job.   We won’t suggest that you quit your job right away and move to Key West unless you REALLY just want to!  

Bicolor Damselfish

Having a good idea what you are going through this weekend thinking how you dread Monday, let’s try a new latitude a new attitude; be grateful for your home and family with that job that seems to dominate your life.  Put in for vacation time at a time that the kids are on break this fall or winter.  



Majoring in psychology myself, I often quote “doing the same thing over and over expecting the same result is a sign of insanity…”  if this is where you are this weekend, it’s time for a cool change.  It’s time to pick a time, organize who can watch pets (and maybe the kids or bring them), put a plan into action to jump ahead of your work schedule and try to not show how giddy you are to be planning your escape this year to the Florida Keys.  DESIGN your charter; it will feel good to be at the helm of your life for a change.  

There are basic charters that include the amount of sailing time with a crew you may choose and design your own charter from a menu of selections or tell me your thoughts.  Allow yourself permission to relax; this means low tech, simple, stepping back in time as if you were a kid again.  Explore and let yourself go free from worry.  You don’t need much, pack light  flip flops, walking shoes, and leave room for shells, buy some cover ups or wraps and t-shirts, and a bathing suit while you are here and you will be relaxed and healthy,  happy to get your summer glow back.  

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Sailing charters are perfect for those needing to get away from a stagnate office or tough executive life, bucket list, moms or friends needing a break from their same day in and day out life.  We all need a cool change.  Make your plans TODAY.  Call me NOW 305-304-4911 from 9 am – 9 pm and send an email if you want.  We will have new emails added, I am still available at since 1995.  Keep in touch.  Follow and watch for updates; captain’s orders!!


Come Sail Away KEY WEST
Come Sail Away KEY WEST

Dolphins Appear While Sailing To The Reefs!


Excitement in route to the reefs!




Welcome Aboard Moon Dance in Key West 42 ft Irwin Sailboat