Do You Dream A Little Dream? Key West !

Since 1995 it has been our pleasure to provide private sailing charters to fulfill fantasies our guests have being able to swim around with reef fish and turtles, have dolphins pass by the boat and enjoy the beauty of the American Caribbean in the tropics.  Palm trees, amazing colors in the water, rainbow colors as reef fish swim by you.  Downtown Key West is full of surprises and everything our guests want to see are just steps away, museums, shops, sunset daily celebration with artists and performers entertaining you.  Fall and Winter dates are open; it’s not too late to get that last summer time vacation with your significant other, get married at sea with a sunset as the backdrop, plan to escape to the tropical lifestyle when the weather begins to get cold – and it’s sooner than you think.  The summer here still is milder as we enjoy summer breezes.

Make it a date!  Call anytime from 9 am – 9 pm EST   305-304-4911 Captain Albert can help you plan your escape from the ordinary.  Plan a second honeymoon, or a wedding with a honeymoon excursion away from it all; celebrate your mile marker birthday or your wedding anniversary.  Do a special trip with your office and charter all three of our boats, then race your own regatta!  Have the most fun you can have on a boat!

Experience what it is like to see what a pure and beautiful tropical setting can do to readjust your dial to happy and yes! You can escape the ordinary, get out in nature, unplug the devices.   You are going to call this week, right?

See you soon!

Ronda and Capt. Albert





Key West Bucket List Family Excursion and Their Adventure!

We were so delighted to have a family select us as their son’s bucket list sailing together in The Florida Keys!  The family had a wonderful time and got to see and have memories of a lifetime.  They can look back on their time in Key West and with us as a super fun time.  Whether you always dreamed of having a private sailing charter, dream about living on anchor some day on your own sailboat, start by making a plan with us on how to spend time with our crew exploring the uninhabited islands, staying overnight under the stars with food and beverage served as if you own the boat.  See what it feels like to live like a local and have the best fun you can have on a boat!

Fall and Winter dates are available.  Design your stay your way!  See what others have shared on Trip Advisor what we have provided since 1995.  Custom private charters, celebrating life and good times with your family.

Are you ready to make your bucket list happen this year?

Let us know what you always dreamed about in the American Caribbean near Key West. You still have time in August to book a family fun charter.  September is a quieter time where you could have the town to yourself!  October can be a perfect time to enjoy some of the novelty of various festivals and a break from the colder weather up north.  November is a beautiful time mild temperatures, with the birders enjoying migration time.  December is a month of celebration time for holidays with schools out for a couple of weeks and some of tropical weather when it might be snowing elsewhere.  Spend your family holidays here!

305-304-4911 9 am – 9 pm

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The Best That You Can Get! At Sea Fun Key West Sailing Excursions

July 4th is usually the half way point for most destinations in the Summer months; but for Key West, it’s always summer!  For those who vacation during the summer time months traditionally Memorial Day until close to Labor Day before schools start back up, explore the life that sailing can bring.  Get close to nature, feel the breeze under a pristine sail, and anchor off with dinner under the stars.  Since 1995 our Company – the original has provided dream vacations for those who want to imagine life at sea.  Some people stay with us as a family, others come who have a bucket list.  But most of all you just have to enjoy outdoors, camping, r v life, snorkeling, swimming and being casual and laid back.  Put your feet up, feel what the old life style may have been at the historic seaport.   Operating at the same location for over 23 years, we are the bench mark of many imitators who just maybe we can say – fall short;  as far as the ultimate destination vacation where you get out in nature, we deliver!  Contact us now as we still have time to get that summer break vacation.  Otherwise, October – December it is just gorgeous here.  See you soon.

Guest vloger – my wife, Ronda   for   Captain Albert


Have the most fun you can have on a boat ! on your next vacation in Key West!

“It Will Be A Cold Day In Hell” Sailing Into Blue Hell Part Two

Continuing The Nepenthe Story from our previous blog…all photos are courtesy of Ted Genard, co-mate on the sailing vessel.  Weather now makes the news daily but this story continues with a cold side note historically speaking.

The Winter of 1976 was known for being one of the coldest on record for many states on the ast Coast.  The news reported that the Central Florida orange crop that year was in peril.  My wife mentioned she remembers this too as she was living in San Diego.  In our previous blog, we set the stage for our readers following our bold adventure bringing down a sailboat from the upper east coast near New York to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Normally January in Florida can be a much welcome destination from Cape Cod and New York City dwellers.

Take a look upper left photo;  it took two other crew members 45 minutes and at least a total list of 17 articles of clothing to get dressed to do your turn on watch.  No skin was to be exposed.  Gloves, socks, mittens, full face mask, and the boots with jacket and pants all foul weather gear.  The longest that you would be able to stand watch was two hours.

Then after your watch, you were undressed by your team, clothing laid out to air out and the next person placed at the helm.   It was called “blue hell” by Nordic sailors, since it stayed a steady 10 degrees morning, noon and through the night. The human body requires modulation of temperatures to repair and rest.

Nepenthe was known for loosing it’s mast twice in the Bahamas in the Bermuda Race.  Once coming down a wave that was so steep, the mast was left behind the vessel.  It was outfitted with a Ted Hood Mast and a 5/8 inch rigging.   Even with this famous designer mast and rig, the seas were so powerful against us, that the Nepenthe managed only one knot per hour with waves rolling off the bow near Cape Hatteras – known as the “graveyard of the Atlantic”.

Night sweats are not recommended.  Upon waking once, night sweats had leeched through my sleeping bag and attached my body to the wall.  Being frozen to a wall bulkhead was a nightmarish surprise.  Our crew was provided individual propane heaters.  But upon use we all had noticed severe headaches.  This was an indication we had carbon monoxide poisoning.  With malfunctioning heaters, and stoves that did not work all the time we and the vessel were being stretched to the limit.  All my life I was never this cold.

We were surfing on a full winter’s gale and waves would broach the deck more than once a day.  The waves and wind ever increasing, the ice built up to over a 1/4 inch on deck.  Walking was perilous. At one point, as a large wave was approaching I found myself grabbing the mast and my co-mate Ted for some reason leapt above me on the mast and as the wave covered us, I saw my friend being washed away and grabbed him out of a wave by his belt and pulled him back aboard.  To this day, we still talk about that moment in time.   When you look at the lower left photo, notice that the boat was listing at an angle.

Captain Hall was the first to discover the “droppings” on our bunk beds as the rats were scurrying through our air vents, jumping off our beds and going on deck to lick the ice. The rats managed to get into our food provisions, having eaten a half of a dried pepperoni roll which severely vexed our crew to know that the rats has invaded our food larder.    It was Ted who gained the notoriety of being Rat Slap (initials on the bow of the boat on a sailing bag) as when one large rat made way very close to him on deck.  With all of those layers of clothing the rats got braver, edging ever closer to crew on watch.  Swat out of the boat into the freezing water went the head rat.  One by one Ted eliminated the vermin.  How many survived the trip?  We never checked or knew.

Little did we realize at the time, that we were in fact riding the head winds of the cold front and stormy conditions that brought the 1976 historic snow both to the Bahamas and to Southern Florida that week.  When we finally arrived it was a much warmer and yet still cold 37 degrees in Fort Lauderdale.

Finally, we had reached our destination.  The trip from hell was finally over.  The Nepenthe around 42 feet long and crew had survived together an amazing adventure still told by crew mates today.  With all the heat waves around at the moment, I thought that something with a chilling edge would be the adventure tale to share.

Captain Albert as told to wife Ronda





“IT WILL BE A COLD DAY IN HELL….” How About “Blue Hell?”

If you every say “it will be a cold day in hell when..” take it back.  Because it could happen.  I said that myself and did not ever marry until 2010 and it was a chilly 46 degrees in Key West, the coldest day every on record in 150 years.  Iguanas dropped out of the trees freezing cold, the fish died and floated to the surface in South Florida.  It was truly a marked event that is miraculously a good one.  I married my now wife Ronda Rinald.  She called home to say “I married medicare, he married menopause; that she was my first wife and probably only wife, and the cold weather was (my) fault”…. It was a cold day.  People remember that year who lived in Key West back then and rarely does January ever see that kind of weather.  Right now weather is better in Key West than most of the country and usually even during hurricane season our summers are milder than everywhere.  Weather is almost in the national weather news daily.

About that weather, a cold day in hell – In 1976 it was a cold day in hell and every where else too.  I was out of money out of luck and owed my parents $500 and going to leave Cape Cod to go home and work to repay my parents the debt that I owed.  Leaving in my oil burning Buick, my future looked uncertain.  I had just interviewed for a job as a last resort.  On that fateful day, near Christmas time, I was stopped by Jim Cumberforte, a Sloan Fellow Honor Student from Harvard University, who was the new owner of the Patrick Ellam Yacht Delivery Service.   After an brief interview he said, “We can use you” Jim said, as he reached into his desk and brought out $500 and gave it to me he cheerfully remarked, “now go home pay your folks in Wildwood (New Jersey) take off three days for the holidays and come back ready to work.”  Crew members were hired and trained under other captains and companies.  The sailboat was in sad shape located in Block Island, Rhode Island; we stopped for some repairs near New York to make her more sea worthy.  I went to New Jersey for another break and we eventually made our way toward Florida in January, 1976.

Back in the 1970’s before the days of “licensed” captains you had to be approved by the existing captains for a company.   Off on my first delivery with Captain Hal Synder and wife Cathy, and Ted Genard (who provided the photos for this sailor’s tome), we were taking Nepenthe from Block Island down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  In my mind it sounded like a good start albeit cold as usual,  and ending up in Florida? Sure let’s do it. What could be bad about going to Florida after the holidays in January?

Little did we know that while in New York, we had also acquired unwanted stow aways while at the docks.  River rats took up residence in our sail bags in the Nepenthe’s v-birth.  With the wind at our backs although noticeably cold, we were young and full of adventure.   And so the sailor’s tale begins….





The Narr Family Having Fun At The Reefs Key West Vacation Sailboat Charter

Go to this link on our You Tube Channel to see the family having the most fun you can have on a boat!  You can too.


There is nothing more memorable than a Key West Sailing Adventure At Sea Excursion with your family.  Sail out to the reefs, watch for dolphins, dive in, fish for dinner if you like, take the helm, pull up sails together or find a hidden treasure at a sunken wreck.  Your choice.  Every day is going to be full of fun and excitement.  Call Capt. Albert.  Making sailing vacation dreams come true since 1995.  The Most Fun You Can Have On A Boat!  See you soon, call 9 am – 9 pm EST 305-304-4911.

Ronda guest blogger for Capt. Albert


Key West Summer Sunset – Charter A Sailboat Vacation


Summer in Key West is much more enjoyable than you would expect; average temperatures are much nicer from 84-92 degrees in the day time and mild sea breezes at night.  Explore the natural setting being at sea on anchor under the stars with an off shore Key West Sailing Adventure Excursion.  All meals, BYOB – non alcohol beverages and water with your snacks included along with expect crew to guide you through snorkeling, sailing, and fishing experiences.   Dive a hidden wreck, enjoy bird watching and watch for wild dolphins to play beside your sailboat as you take the helm and pull up the sails together.  Take a photograph of your family and friends having fun.  Call and reserve your charter at 305-304-4911 with Captain Albert.  Making sailing dreams come through since 1995 in downtown Key West Historic Seaport, 201 William Street, E Docks 10, 11, or 12.