Key West Sailing Adventure Family Review Report With Captain Al

Key West Memories!   Watch the whole video!


Captain Al


Key West Sailing Adventure & Culinary Adventure At Grunts Restaurant!

Albert and I were visiting one of our friends who comes to Key West often and she kept telling us about a fun place she liked to go to and eat.  Grunts Restaurant is at 409 Caroline, Key West and if you blink you might just miss it.  It’s been around for many years it seems and we never knew it was a restaurant since it seems to be a funky couple of buildings but it’s outdoor dining; one of the “secret spots” locals like to go to.  It’s downtown and the best way to get there is to bicycle in.  Since you may need some fun options of where to eat when you are walking or bicycling downtown, you may enjoy this too.  They have outdoor food truck and you get a free water or buy a cocktail, someone takes your order you pick out a seat and just relax!

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Let’s Eat!

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Thinking About A Tropical Wedding?


It’s that time of year when “June Brides” comes to mind.  But how about a tropical wedding in Key West on a sailboat?  October-November-December can be some of the best weather Key West has to offer and the sunset colors? Amazing.  Honeymoon on your sailboat? Sure!  Since 1995 it’s been my pleasure to arrange those kind of precious memories.  And now I can be your captain and your minister plus order flowers, food, even have the most perfect nautical themed vows.  Custom arrangements and you tell me what you want.  Need help? just ask.  

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Key West Sailing Adventure For The Most Fun You Can Have On A Boat!

We have been changing a lot lately!  It’s been awhile since we updated here so enjoy and see what we are doing lately! Doing what we do best since 1995!  Often duplicated but seldom replicated!  Find out why!

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Charter Your Sailboat See The Sea

Video Blog for you to enjoy!

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Key West Sailing Adventure, Fun Adventure Driving Down the Florida Keys!

Now, does anyone want to sail??


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